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Inclusive access to water

AFI works to improve services in the communities, like
 borehole repairs and maintenance to help people in 
rural areas have access to clean water

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Inclusive Education

Youth are increasingly excluded and need to be empowered, AFI is much aware of this, and it is one major area of our service. with our team of volunteers we move around and get those at high

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Organizational values

Innovation – AFI seeks to be innovative in designing projects that are responsible for addressing

community exclusion and social cohesion

Partnerships – AFI seeks to partner with organizations both at local level, national level and

international level. AFI has a network with different specialists in different fields at local, national

and international level.

Empowering – AFI seeks to strengthen the capacities and address the vulnerabilities of those we

serve. This also includes development of skills and access to resources for self- sufficiency.

Passionate – We are passionate about those we work for and passionate in all that we do. AFI

brings together passionate youth with different levels of education who would like to see change

in the community and country.

Teamwork: AFI board and staff work on the basis of mutual respect and accountability, dialogue

and collaboration. In our work we seek to understand the views and ideas of others and also

recognize the positive contributions of each person, so as to build socially inclusive and cohesive


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Our Best Projects
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Hours Of Work
Projects Going

In the swampy village of Agalibu you find Opolot, who does casual labour to get development fee and other neccesities to get to school. This at some times makes him  

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Opolot Emmanuel Pupil Obalanga
primary school,
kapelebyong district

Being a total orphan is not by choice, Aliabo Harriet is a victim by no other option. with a dream of being a nun she wants to study up and advocate for orphans

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Aliabo harriet P.7 Obalanga p/s

Egetu Joseph is always the first in class, but was almost loosing hope of continuing  his education due to lack of financial support, AFI came in at the right time to help when he was dropping out o

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Egetu Joseph Pupil in P.7
Obalanga p/s