Inclusive Education Project

AFI is aware of the benefits brought above by education, never the less alot of young girls, boys and youth are excluded in the education system because of various reasons and challenges.

As AFI we identify the most vulnerable and enhance their presence in school by giving financial support in terms of tuition, scholastic materials and carrier guidance through counselling.

Below are some of AFI's roles in Inclusive Education

(1)Providing access to primary and secondary education through

(2)Support students from the poorest backgrounds to stay in school through contribution to

their school fees and other requirements.

(3)Identify alternatives for those who have dropped out of school especially in primary or

secondary school education.

(4)Support youth from poor background who have established start up through training and

financial support.

Inclusive Education Testimonials

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Opolot Emmanuel- P.7 Candidate 2020

Born in Agalibu Village, Labira Parish, Kapelebyong district Opolot Emmanuel a primary seven pupil does casual labour to pay for his school fees and other necessities. "My father has many children most of them dropped out of school, i want to be a doctor " Opolot lamented, he added "I have to burn charcoal, make bricks or sell firewood to get money for tution and other necessities".Like others Opolot ia a beneficiary of AFI education scholarship is fully in hostel and no more worried about school fees.
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Asege Ritah- P.7 pupil Obalanga P/S

Asege Ritah is from an extended family of a single mother as she lost her father to LRA(Lord Resistance Army) rebels. She is so much intersted in education and highly consistent in attendance, her teachers say even when she is sent home for fees she makes her way back to class.

On the other hand her mother is elderly and only distills local liquor (waragi) to feed the family of many. When AFI got her she had no hope of continuing with her education leave alone completing her Primary Level education.

Asege is now happily at school with school fees fully paid by AFI.