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 AFI is an initiative of a group of youth passionate about community development through the inclusive development model in order to promote inclusive social development, social cohesion and social integration. AFI envisions an inclusive community where all members are active and part of the development process to enhance a socially cohesive society. Founded by a group of youth with a diverse educational background and work experience both within Uganda and abroad, AFI is passionate about the inclusion of vulnerable groups of individuals (by narrowing focus to the most disadvantaged and at risk of exclusion) in the development process. AFI understands that to promote community inclusion and inclusive development is complex and needs innovative approaches, AFI uses segmentation of the vulnerable groups of people in the community (Youth, women, persons with disabilities and elderly persons), to determine the most disadvantaged and at risk of exclusion.

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About Us
Welcome, here is more about AFI


AFI envisions an inclusive community where all members are active and part of the development process to enhance a socially cohesive society.   


To empower and transform livelihoods of the most disadvantaged, at risk of exclusion or excluded youth, women and elders to be part of community development to enhance inclusive development and build a socially cohesive society

Our Specialties
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Many youth in the region are excluded from the development process
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Women being mothers always face challenges than even men, as they have to bring up children


To supplement the ministry of labour, gender and

we help the vulnerable in variuos ways

AFI deploys a unique framework of Research-Identify-Intervene-Include (RIII) 

  Research – carry out research in the community to identify the most disadvantaged among vulnerable groups in the community. 

  Identify- identify the most disadvantaged or at risk individuals and also identify their interests so as to integrate them in development of the community 

  Intervene- Intervention through AFI projects under the general AFI mission 

  Include- Promote inclusion of the identified project beneficiaries in development and the community to promote inclusion in the community and social cohesion.

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Our Best Projects
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Born in agalibu opolot a primary seven pupil does casual labour to pay for his fees 
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Opolot Emmanuel P.7 PUPIL
With both parents dead Aliabo Harriet
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Aliabo Harriet P.7 Pupil
Though always the first in class
Egetu Joseph

P.7 candidate